The Project

The council of Horta de Sant Joan has promoted the restoration of Mas de Burot with the objective of returning the farmhouse to its original state both externally and internally. The council has no intention of supplying the building with electricity, water, or any other modern conveniences.
The project aims to become an example of architecture best-practice by restoring the farmhouse with the same traditional building techniques and natural materials that were used for the original construction.

The intention is regaining the necessary skills and knowledge involved in this type of traditional building methods and also to provide information about these techniques to interested professionals in the construction industry.

In this sense, a Manual of Good Practices has been prepared to intervene in the architectural heritage of the Natural Park of Ports, which is available on the Natural Park website, and that you can download through this link.

Guía de bones pràctiques

Visites guiades

Once the restoration process is completed, the house is expected to become an important tourist asset that will open to the public as an example of architecture best-practice and as a museum of both, the traditional rural architecture and the lifestyle in the farmhouses at the region of Els Ports.

Guided visits will be offered to professionals in the construction industry, tourists, students, and the general public.

. The process of restoration will be carried out according to the following intervention lines:

- Unstable items that might be dangerous to visitors will be demolished
- The structure of the building will be consolidated
- Only after all the items to be restored have been inventoried and documented they can be carefully taken away for restoration
- The restoration has to be faithful to the original
The project should be finished by the spring of 2018 and open to the public in the summer 2018.